James Staples

Ole Miss University


James Pearson Staples, also known as JP Staples, of Dallas, TX is a student at Ole Miss. James Pearson Staples was filmed making monkey noises at a black woman during a protest. 

Unlike most people who have been exposed for their bigotry, JP seems to be doubling down on it, and has kept his X account public (@AlaskanTom)

He seems to be embracing his infamy referencing a Southpark clip after he was exposed.

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The video in the above link is from Southpark where Randy Marsh says "Look out everyone it's a bunch of pissed off f*ggots"

He's a member of Delta Theta Fraternity, and has been removed from the fraternity as of May 3.

He has a history of anti-Semitic, racist and alt-right tweets and seems to be continuing the trend.


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Photos and Screenshots


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